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JBL EON ONE Linear-array PA System at a Glance:

Ultraportable PA with clean, wide sound dispersion
Built-in subwoofer for bass you can feel
Bluetooth equipped for wireless music streaming

Ultraportable PA with clean, wide sound dispersion

PA systems have long been a balancing act between portability and pro sound. But JBL is changing the game with its array systems. The EON ONE brings JBL Professional quality audio to any gig: speaking events, movie nights, venue installs, and even live bands. This all-in-one PA easily packs into your car, and thanks to its light weight and integrated handles, it loads into the gig and sets up in mere seconds. Just plug in up to six mics/instruments and roll. The EON ONE?s capable 380-watt amp feeds a multidirectional speaker array and onboard subwoofer to disperse clean, full-range audio to an entire room.

Built-in subwoofer for bass you can feelNothing gets a crowd up on their feet like big bass. The EON ONE?s built-in 10? subwoofer (true to JBL form) packs loads of clean low end into a compact size. This is of course a benefit to mobile DJs and theater presentations, but it also allows sound professionals to bolster a band?s bass guitar, synth, or kick drum to make sure the low-end impact of a performance isn?t lost on the back of the room.

Bluetooth equipped for wireless music streamingThe EON ONE makes it easy to keep weddings and dance parties spontaneous by allowing you to stream music from your mobile via Bluetooth from anywhere within range. This keeps dangerous wires off the dance floor and saves you and your guests from running to the PA every few minutes to switch songs.

JBL Professional EON ONE Linear-array PA System with 6-channel Mixer Features:

All-in-one portable PA system
Versatile ? great for music performances, live theater, speaking events, and places of worship
Compact and easy ? loads in with one hand, sets up in seconds
Linear-array speaker configuration is a compact version of JBL?s flagship systems
JBL Directivity Control Geometry provides wide, consistent sound coverage
10? bass reflex subwoofer rounds out the array with tight, powerful bass
Integrated mixer with 6 inputs
Onboard parametric EQ and reverb let you sweeten any performance
Bluetooth equipped to stream audio from your mobile device
380-watt amp fills a room with 118dB of clear, full-range JBL Professional audio

Bring JBL Professional audio to your next live event with the ultraportable EON ONE!

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