DS-C10S-4U faceDS-C10S-4U face

HIKVision Video Processor DS-C10S-S11/E

Rp 69.872.727

4U chassis (control board and power included), 11 slot (6 input slot and 5 output slot).

Designed with the newest system architecture, data switching and processing method, DS-C10S is a high-performance image processing device that can realize the integrated processing for multiple types of video streams and network data.

As the core display control device, it is mainly used in VideoWall system for dynamic displaying videos on multiple display units simultaneously.

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Features & Functions

  • A signal source can be displayed on the M×N (M≥1, N≥1) display units
  • FPGA-based hardware design with high bandwidth for accessing and processing the high-definition signal
  • 10 kinds of signal sources are supported, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, BNC, SDI, YPbPr, Ultra HD, HDBaseT, HDTVI, DP and IP camera input
  • Live view in the roaming window and signal source list
  • Fluent video output
  • Window spanning for up to 16ch@8.0 MP
  • An enhanced network decoding board supports H.264 and H.265 compression standard and can display network signal of 2-ch@8.0 MP, 2-ch@6.0 MP, 2-ch@5.0 MP, 8-ch@1080p, 16-ch@720pand 32-ch@D1 and local video files
  • Supports1/4/9/16 split screen layout
  • Up to 6 image layers can be displayed on one screen, including one virtual LED image layer and a background layer
  • Adjustable LED font size, background color and moving type
  • Up to 16384×8192for background layer’s resolution
  • Users are able to manage the signal source and video wall via client software
  • Provides DVI dual link signal collection card whose input resolution is up to 4088×4088/15Hz
  • A build-in matrix for opening a signal source on several windows at the same time
  • Supports HD/3G SDI synchronous output
  • Supports cross-window video roaming
  • Supports SADP searching active devices
  • Resets the administrator password
  • Supports adjusting the output to match the virtual output
  • The client software is able to manage 16 devices and 4 video walls
  • Supports HDTVI signal and reverse PTZ control
  • Remote control via iPad client software and IE browser
  • Supports preview list for signal sources
  • Intelligent fan to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the temperature

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 36 × 45 × 18 cm

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