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Meepo NLS Belt

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Always the Next Level Skateboard – NLS Series

The positioning of the NLS series has always been a comfortable electric skateboard. There are NLS and NLS Pro. Now what you see is the latest NLS Belt,It inherits the gene of focusing on comfort.

NLS Belt is the first belt skateboard of Meepo. The purpose is to improve the performance of shock absorption. Because the in-wheel motor of NLS Pro is not good enough in shock absorption, we tried to use the belt drive method to improve the shock absorption effect. Coupled with professional skateboard wheels and a tough enough bamboo layout, it is enough to make the NLS Belt the most comfortable board.

In terms of battery, we still use the strongest endurance ER battery, that is, the 40T battery of Samsung, which can still provide 23 miles of range

Specs of NLS Belt

105 mm Cloudwheels version
Top Speed 28 Mph / 45 Kph (105 mm wheels)
Top Speed 22.5Mph / 37 Kph (85 mm wheels)
Range 30 KM/ 18 Miles
Meepo 6.5 ESC ( Belt-driven version)
85 mm wheels + 105 mm cloudwheels (NEW!)
1800 W belt-driven motors
CNC truck (with Red Electroplating)
7 layers bamboo and 2 layers fiberglass Deck
330lb/150KG – maximum weight capacity
Meepo M4 Remote
6 months warranty
18 lb /8.2 Kg – Board Weight
Up to 30% – Uphill
2.5 H – Charging Time
ER (SamSung 40 T 10S2P ) – Battery
42 V 3A – Fast Charger
85 mm standard Wheels version

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