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The one device to simplify your ride.


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NUVIZ allows riders to integrate many technological functions into one helmet-mounted device. Removing the need for individual devices for music, action camera, navigation, and communication means less distraction, less fiddling, and more attention to the road ahead. Adding a NUVIZ to your choice of helmet means the end of riding with mounts and cables cluttering yourself or your bike. Now with everything integrated into one device, your journey is much more enjoyable and efficient.

NUVIZ is the first fully-integrated Head-Up Display (HUD) designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders. It displays customizable information in the rider’s natural line of sight and features an intuitive eyes-on-the-road handlebar controller and built-in HD action camera. NUVIZ is intended to be used in all conditions, including riding in the rain.NUVIZ brings together all of the important functions of your navigation, communication and media devices into a single device, allowing riders to stay connected, but not distracted. NUVIZ includes an HD camera that shoots stills and video, and can be updated as new features become available in the future.

In order to take NUVIZ device into use you need either Android device with Android OS 4.4.2/KitKat (or newer) or iPhone/iPad with iOS 10.2 (or newer). More information on supported products can be found from

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