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Rayvolt Torino Electric Green Colour

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Rayvolt Torino Electric Green Colour

THE GETAWAY BIKE, The Torino is a variation of our flagship model, the Cruzer. Its sleek wide tires, compact profile and low center of gravity make it an ultra high-performing City Carving Speedster. Its strong and aggressive profile, with hump-backed tubing, is reminiscent of the shape of a young bull, hence the name Torino.

A Vintage Look with Modern Performance 

Rayvolt has once again done it, making a vintage electric bike that is a mix of both urban and sport, perfect for everyday riding in style.

The Rayvolt Clubman Vintage Electric Bike can ride up to 25km/h on-road, powered by its 250W motor, allowing you to maintain desired speeds easily.

Ride as you will and take advantage of the easy speed transition back and forth to your paces with the Rayvolt Clubman’s 7 Shimano Tourney TZ.

Those who wish for a steadier ride can also use the Pedal Assist System and enjoy more scenic rides with this steampunk-themed electric ride.

Style, Performance, and Convenience

Rayvolt Bikes boast a great deal of style but this is also met with extreme performance and several features that make riding convenient for you.

Featuring 26-inch tyres, you get to experience rides that make any road feel smooth and its Rayvolt Disk Brakes provide you with excellent stopping power for your safety.

Enjoy more features such as the LCD, which allows you to monitor your current ride as you go around on the Clubman.

This electric ride is perfect for on-road and can even be used for off-roading, especially on sandy surfaces, perfect for vacations or everyday rides.

Key Features

  • Ride up to 25km/h with the Rayvolt Clubman’s 250W electric motor, making this classy ride look good and perform great.
  • The Rayvolt Clubman Electric Bike features a Rayvolt Soft Vegan Leather Saddle, excellent for comfortable long rides.
  • Adding more to comfort, the Rayvlot Custom Leather Grips on this e-bike provide you with a better grip for control and more comfort when riding.
  • A single full charge of the 36V 10Ah/16Ah battery can provide you with up to 40km to 60km in distance to travel.
  • The Clubman’s Rayvolt Custom AI Hydroformed frame makes this ride one of the sturdiest electric bikes you can find, even allowing it to hold up to 120kg in weight.
  • Customise, control, and monitor your electric bike using the EIVA application, providing you with even more control and more features while riding.


  • Charger : Li-ion Smart Charger, 42 V and 4 A
  • Wheels/Tires: 26″ x 3″
  • Battery: 36V 10Ah / 16Ah
  • Frame Weight: 20kg
  • Brakes: Rayvolt Disk Brakes
  • Rims: Double Wall, 40 mm Wide
  • Battery Cover: Composite Shell, Covered by Leather
  • Chain: KMC Silver Chain
  • Crank Set: Rayvolt Three Piece Crankset
  • Pedals: Rayvolt Flat Pedals , Tracer Pedal
  • Saddle: Rayvolt Soft Vegan leather
  • Speed Control: PAS (Pedal Assist System) 7 Shimano tourney TZ
  • Total product weight: 25kg
  • Dimension: 1960x980x690mm
  • Frame: Rayvolt custom AI Hydrofomed.
  • Grips: Rayvolt Custom Leather Grips
  • LCD Display


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